As a female it seems the world expects me to have at least one baby, the looks I get when I say I don’t want kids are quite something. I’ve just never felt the urge that people talk about.

I guess this can be viewed as negativity because I list reasons such as I for sleep as it is and a child would make that worse, I don’t want to be somewhere at 9 an 3 everyday, why would I want to bring a person into this awful world?

I can’t even say it’s down to my mental health as I’ve always felt like this. Granted I’ve struggled with my mental health since I was 19, perhaps even younger I have recollections of hitting myself with a hammer age around 9/10.

I enjoy my friends children’s company and taking them to the cinema or having them stay over and playing games but I just don’t have the desire to have my own. The other thing that is concerning me right now is that I don’t have any inclination to be in a relationship perhaps there really is something fundamentally wrong with me, of course I have sexual needs but don’t seem to want emotional ones I’ve had one relationship in my life and that was a very long time ago! I live alone and love the fact that I do for the most part I do get lonely At times but majority of time I like that I can be as messy or clean as I feel like and don’t have to worry about someone else when I make plans.

Is this weird? Perhaps I will regret it when I’m elderly and alone, if I survive that long that is


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