a restful night?

So I intended to do a backlog of blogs, back blog? In as close to chronological order as I could muster. But something happened in the night that I need to get out.

For years now I’ve been having these insanely vivid dreams almost like movies they are that clear. I’ve woken up screaming for help, punching kicking, thrashing biting my tongue, laughing and crying so hard my face and pillow have been soaked but last night was something entirely different.

I also suffer with sleep paralysis, involving my eyes being open an me being Completely frozen.

Last night I was having the usual overly vivid dream, prior to fallin asleep I had a strange sensation in my ears like a radio that was slightly out of tune buzzing an half heard words. then I was stood in my own bedroom looking at myself sleeping, I was aware of traffic noise, the warmth of my kitten curled up next to me and the sensation of me biting my tongue. this has totally freaked me out, was it a dream was I having a outer body experience am I really going mad? people don’t actually have outer body experiences do they?

All I know is the experience had totally flipped me out this morning and I don’t feel right, confused and irritable. It’s mornings like this I wish I didn’t live alone.


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